European Camping

Incredible Locations in Europe for Camping

Europe is full of mesmerizing camping sites! Whether you begin from the sunny shores or choose cool Northern Sweden, one thing is for sure that, you will definitely experience entertainment and shall create magical memories!

Here is a list of few places deserve to be visited.

Hillend Campsite, Swansea, Wales – beautiful and less crowdie

The place called Swansea is known as the most amazing surfing destination while Hillend, present on the Gower Peninsula of Wales, is popular for it’s natural and captivating beauty. It holds the world’s 25 best and less populated beaches, yet witnesses less amount of tourists. You can enjoy the ancient villages and sceneries and the long spread coastline including the mesenteric beaches, present between the sand dunes at Llangennith, that are just the perfect locations for camping.

Le Val de Cantobre in Aveyron, France – experience the lively countryside scenery

Present within the medieval farmhouse, the attractive campsites here are organized over the true terraces, that look down into the charming and quaint Valley. Don’t worry if you come across some unusual atmosphere since near various local villages, you will get to see the newly completed campsite services. No matter what age group you belong to, you will surely love the natural environment and incomparable beauty of this site.

Cala Llevado, Spain – Don’t miss the beachside camping

This place lies at a distance of less than one hour from cities like Barcelona, Girona, Figueres and is the top travel destinations of 2012 by National Geographic. Cala Llevado has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and holds four most popular beaches in the world. You can dive into the gorgeous glimmering waters that are shaded by the old pine trees, rooted on the shores.

Château de Lacomté Country Club, Lot and Dordogne Valley, France – perfect For the rocking adults

In the most quaint regions of France, you will find this amazing place called Château de Lacomté Country Club, which is just the right place for adults who want to add some fun to their lives. This place lies 12kms south of the Medieval Pilgrimage which is a village of Rocamadour, popular as the second most visited site by tourists. It consists of a wide variety of wildlife and incredible for watching birds. It is quite interesting for ones who like astrology too. With least noise or any other kind of pollution, it is truly best as a campsite.

Wild Camping in Douro Valley, Portugal – finest for camper vans

Douro Valley, a highly underrated wine country of this world, is mind-boggling, full of the area and just perfect for choosing and using a camper van. No matter whether you desire a free or a wild camping, it is quite simple. All you have to do is only pack up your camping stuff and move towards the valley.

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Recreational Hiking

Hiking Opens Door to Healthy Body and Fresh Mind

Hiking is a physical activity done outdoors on hills and the thrill and adventure associated with it is spine-chilling. One can usually go for it in the mountain areas and delve deep into the green forests. The atmosphere and surrounding while hiking is magnificent and there is no doubt that such an adventurous trip is the right way to involve in a recreation activity full of life experiences.

Do you know hiking is not just a trip filled with thrills but also it is an aerobic activity which can increase your blood circulation and help to maintain your health and body. It’s other benefit is that you can have the breathtaking views of the mountains and even the fresh and pure air of the serene nature.

The most attractive benefits of hiking are:

Hiking can obviously increase your tolerance to difficulties provide by the mountains hilly areas.

It also helps you to increase your balance by moving on rocks and stones.

Improves the system of your body because of fresh air and increase mental health.

Now, as hiking is so much full of beneficial things, here are some tips by which you can enjoy your hiking trip and nourish it.

Breathe test: First of all, before going on a hike you must test your breathe. Just talk to yourself while you walk and check the pace of your breathe. This will help to balance your breathe will you hike on hills.

Equipment to carry: it is necessary that you should carry the best and right equipment before going like map, hiking boots, hiking pole, sunglasses etc and also check the weather before going on a hike.

Language to be carried: try to take a less amount of language so that you can walk while you carry it. The lesser the baggage, the more easy to walk

Finding proper trails: you should also have best equipment’s for finding proper trails so that you should have best places that you can explore. Some equipment’s are BC Parks and Trails BC.

Safety equipment’s: before going on a hike you have to take with you some of the safety equipment’s.

There can occur some of the hazards which you have to face like long distance hiking can cause sunburn or sunstroke. You can also come in contact with some noxious plants on your way because of which you can suffer from rashes. So taking necessary precautions is must.

Hiking is the best opportunity that anyone can get to enjoy your environment and to spend time with your friends and family away from the pollution of town or city. So you can also prefer to go on hiking but only with proper safety.